Toyota Yaris GR Intercooler


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do88 performance intercooler designed for an easy drop-in-fitment in your Toyota Yaris GR!

Advantages with do88 performance intercooler:

– Greater core volume: 13971 cm3 vs 7320 cm3, 91% bigger!

– Larger active cooling area , 2451 cm2 vs 913 cm2, 168% bigger!

– Larger inlet/outlet connections: 63mm (2 ½”) vs 45mm (1 ¾”), 95% larger area!

– Air flow at 0,175bar/2,54psi pressure drop: 300 CFM (226 CFM), 33% higher!

– Peak powergain of 26 whp together with do88 turbo inlet! Measured on car with TTE400 turbo, Syvecs ECU etc.

– Lower post intercooler air temperature at same conditions: 25°C (50°C), 25°C lower!

This intercooler is constructed to deliver the best cooling efficiency during tough conditions. During the development of this intercooler, we were determined to increase the frontal cooling area of the core. A larger frontal cooling area significantly improves the cooling in the entire speed range together with a correctly designed core and end tanks. A low / thick intercooler, which is a much easier aftermarket design for this car, will usually only offer better cooling at high speeds (high air speed is required to be able to push the cooling air through a thick core). We saw our way as the given choice for this car as it will also be used on technical race tracks with lower average speed.

To be able to increase the intercooler frontal cooling area, the bumper beam needs to be moved forward otherwise the intercooler wont fit behind it. Therefore, we designed two special spacers that moves the bumper beam forward, these spacers also became an optimal position to use as fastening points for our intercooler.

What many, unfortunately overlook when developing a new intercooler is the need for ambient air guides. Air passages around the intercooler should not be left open since a large part of the cooling air will slip past there instead of going through the core. We include two air guides that close these air passages.

To improve the charge air flow (reduce the pressure drop) we increased the inlet/outlet hose connection size on our intercooler from 45mm (1 ¾”) to 63mm (2 ½”) as the original connections are very restrictive. For our intercooler to fit together with the original intercooler pipes, we include two specially designed silicone hoses.

The 91% increased core volume and 168% larger frontal area is an achievement we are proud of (Tube&Fin Core 57mm thick). It´s a remarkable difference. Perceivable, to say the least. The engine pulls better all over the revs and withstands repeated full throttle runs without building heat. The perception of an intercooler being something to upgrade only after a major engine tune is false, yet widely spread among customers and car people. During hot Swedish summer days, at repeated pulls, inspired driving or even at ordinary driving in a hotter climate area, it doesn´t take much of an effort from the engine to generate dangerously high inlet temperatures – even on a standard, non-tuned, car. The cooling capacity with an OEM-intercooler is in many cases inferior which will affect the usable power outtake. The heat has to be eliminated, or else the promised output will be decreased as you start giving gas. With our intercooler you can rest assured the power is there, at all times.

Some of the original plastic air guides need to be trimmed (see installation instructions) to make it possible to install our intercooler, which is significantly larger. The Styrofoam that sits on the bumper beam is removed during assembly. The Styrofoam does not fit when the bumper beam is moved forward.

This product comes with everything necessary for an easy installation. Bolts, washers and mounting instructions is of course included.

Do take care of your engine, choose do88!

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