45 degree angle shrinking hose

13,11 42,80 

Nurk:45 °
Length of the straight part (see picture): 102 mm
Color: Black
Wall thickness: 4 mm
Temperature tolerance range: -40 to +180 °C
Strength level: 3 layers
Material: High-tech silicone / polyester fabric.


13-16mm, 13-19mm, 16-19mm, 16-25mm, 19-25mm, 19-32mm, 25-32mm, 25-35mm, 25-38mm, 32-35mm, 32-38mm, 32-41mm, 32-45mm, 35-38mm, 35-41mm, 35-45mm, 35-51mm, 38-41mm, 38-45mm, 38-51mm, 41-45mm, 41-51mm, 45-51mm, 45-63mm, 51-57mm, 51-60mm, 51-63mm, 51-70mm, 51-76mm, 57-63mm, 57-70mm, 57-76mm, 60-63mm, 60-70mm, 60-76mm, 60-80mm, 63-70mm, 63-76mm, 63-80mm, 63-83mm, 63-89mm, 70-76mm, 70-80mm, 70-83mm, 70-89mm, 70-102mm, 76-80mm, 76-83mm, 76-89mm, 76-102mm, 80-83mm, 80-89mm, 80-102mm, 83-102mm, 89-102mm

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