SPD Kütusevahepaak (paagisiseste pumpade jaoks)


SPD billet high end catch tank. The entire construction is bolted with viton o-rings giving maximum reliability for both gasoline and ethanol fuel. The tank has no welds that can crack and begin to leak.

It is the same catchtank for internal and external fuel pumps. This model is adapted for internal / in-tank pumps.

This catchtank / fuel surge tank supports up to 3 fuel pumps! A catch tank suitable for both low power output to high power output applications.

The pump hanger module has AN8 connections in and out.

Supplied with AN8 fittings and 3x AN8 tube adapters. If you use less than three fuel pumps, you can add female or male plug in AN8 to plug the extra outlets.


– 6x AN8 female connections on the top.
– Supports 1-3 fuel pumps up to 60mm.
– Rebuild-able from external to in tank fuel pumps.
– Rigid billet construction.
– Volume of approximately 3.7 liters.
– Size 190x235mm (diameter x height without fittings) 190x260mm (diameter x height with fittings)

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