SPD kütuserõhu regulaator V3 E85 punane


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V3 is the latest version of the fuel pressure regulator. This FPR is based on a new construction that delivers superior precision and reliability.

Each fuel pressure regulator comes tested and leak free.

SPD’s fuel pressure regulator is specially designed to work well on alcohol fuels. The fuel pressure regulator has our new generation internal components where materials have long life and high reliability when driving on gasoline and especially ethanol that is very aggressive. The regulator is designed to handle high return flows at low engine load while ensuring that it’s able to raise the fuel pressure 1: 1 with the charge pressure even when very powerful fuel pumps are used at high power outlets.

We stock all spare service parts.

This  is one of very few FPR’s on the market which does not leak air at the adjusting bolt. Built-in top screw sealing kit that is pressurized and tested up to 7 bar air pressure without leaking.

1/8″ female NPT thread at the front to connect fuel pressure sensor or fuel gauge.
1/8″ female NPT thread for vacuum connection.

– Adjustable Fuel Pressure from 2.7-5.1 Bar.
– Compatible with gasoline and alcohol fuels.
– The fuel pressure increases 1: 1 with the charge pressure.
– Very reliable BTR with long service intervals.
– capable of 1000hp+ applications.
– For silicone hose or pneumatic connection.
– Spare parts are available.
– Inputs have female thread 2xAN10
– Outputs have female thread 1xAN6

Choice of adapters is made in the drop-down menu, select which inputs and outputs you want.
If you only have a return from the fuel rail, “Plug” should be selected on input two.
If you have dual returns from the fuel rail / double fuel rails , you may choose the appropriate size of input two.

All SPD products have the absolute highest quality and are carefully tested to work in the most demanding motorsport.

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