SPD kütusefiltri element V2 10 mikronit


V2 is the latest version of the fuel filter element


SPD’s fuel filter is specially designed to work well on alcohol fuels. This is the only fuel filter element we’ve tested in the market that really works over a long time and is reliable when driving on ethanol / E85. The fuel filter has a very high flow despite good filtration of dirt and all internal components have been specially designed to work well together with alcohol fuels. The filter has long service intervals due to it’s size. The fuel filter element is completely made of stainless steel and, thanks to a new technology, we have managed to filter down to 10 microns with maintained high flow. The fuel filter insert also has a magnetic ring to collect even the smallest metal particles that may come from fuel pumps, tanks, etc. Everything to protect the injectors.

The best fuel filter insert on the market for those who driving on alcohol fuels.

Of course, this fuel filter also works great for those who drive on gasoline and want a really good high-flow fuel filter.

-Good filtration of dirt particles, down to 10 microns.
-Compatible with both gasoline and alcohol fuels.
-Long service intervals
-Flows for over 1500hp.

All SPD products hold the absolute highest quality and are carefully tested to work in the most demanding motorsport available.

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