SPD 2000 Kütusepumpade kollektor


SPD 2000 series. Fuel log used to collect fuel feed from several fuel pumps. Suitable for both 2 and 3 pumps. This fuel log has extreme flow.

There are 3 inputs and 2 outputs. If you only use 2 pumps, you must plug one input. There is also a possibility of double outlets.

Supports all external fuel pumps, only adaptation of our adapters is required. Various adapters and reductions are available for purchase.

Fits with SPD’s billet fuel pump mount for 2 or 3 pumps wich have 60mm diameter.

Compatible with Bosch -044, AEM 380L, Deatschwerks 250iL, 350iL.

-3 x AN8 inputs
-2 x AN12 outputs
-All connections is O-ring seald for easy installation and service.
-Supports all external fuel pumps
-Supports all external 60mm fuel pumps with SPD billet fuel pump bracket.
-Extreme flow

L = 204mm
W = 34mm
H = 42,5mm
3x hole CC = 75mm

All SPD products hold the absolute highest quality and are carefully tested to work in the most demanding motorsport.

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